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When Azure OpenAI launched, a leading technology corporation faced a unique challenge — customers were rapidly requesting high-end, expensive GPUs that they didn’t necessarily need, and field and advisory teams struggling to keep up with demand. The need to scale field support became evident right away. But the challenge was not just managing the volume of inquiries, it was also ensuring that customers were advised to choose the most suitable and cost-effective GPU options. This is where Provoke’s expertise came into play.

To alleviate their pain points, Provoke developed an AI sales assistant agent using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Azure OpenAI. This solution was crafted to facilitate interactions between field agents and customers through guided dialogues. By posing specific questions, the AI agent could accurately determine customer needs and suggest the most fitting GPU, effectively preventing over-provisioning and boosting customer satisfaction and GPU utilisation. 


This Al sales agent rapidly became a key asset for field agents. It offered instant access to machine learning use case ideas, which agents could adapt to meet specific customer requirements. After refining these use cases, the Al agent would recommend the most suitable and economical GPU SKU, enhancing the efficiency and precision of customer advice. 


Ultimately, the AI sales agent’s introduction played a pivotal role in refining the corporation’s customer service and sales strategy. It revolutionised the way field agents provided guidance, enabling them to deliver personalised, intelligent GPU recommendations promptly. The agents’ capacity to offer rapid, precise, and cost-effective advice not only made the sales process more efficient but also contributed significantly to elevating customer satisfaction. 

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