Accelerating Utility Company’s

Cloud First Strategy

Looking to modernise, an established electric and gas company embarked on a journey to adopt a comprehensive, all-cloud strategy. A few years into this transition, they encountered complex challenges that required expert guidance to accelerate their roadmap. Provoke was brought on board at the beginning of an Enterprise Applications review, assessment, and modernisation phase, focusing on leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. The objectives were clear: enhance the company’s IT infrastructure, reduce risk and technical debt, and ensure optimal integration and future-proofing of their cloud platform.

Provoke’s approach began with educating the client team about cloud opportunities and kickstarting their app modernisation plan. This phase of Rapid Discovery was crucial for mutual learning. The utility company gained insights into the pathways for app modernisation, while Provoke assessed the client’s in-house capabilities and identified early applications for modernisation. This initial engagement saved considerable time and effort for both parties.

An Azure landing zone was set up early in the project to facilitate smooth progress. This strategic move, encompassing scale, security governance, networking, and identity, supported the client’s extensive application portfolio and enabled enterprise-scale application migration and innovation in Azure.

The integration of workflows between the customer and Provoke sprint teams was essential for efficient progress. This collaboration removed communication barriers and meeting duplications, leading to a more cost-effective and timely project completion. Microsoft Azure DevOps was utilised to maximise the efficiency and strengths of each team. This tool allowed for real-time visibility of deployment pipelines, enabling simultaneous prioritisation of sprint stories and response to user feedback.

The project culminated in the successful migration of six applications to Microsoft Azure within 40 weeks. It accelerated the app modernisation program, shortening a multi-year process to just months. The strategy effectively de-risked modernization by reducing the need for recruiting specialised staff. Risks associated with on-premise, legacy applications were eliminated, and the refreshed applications became easier to maintain and more robust, saving on overall maintenance costs. The project also future-proofed the company’s IT infrastructure with automated updates and maintenance, removing risks and costs associated with outdated technologies. Comprehensive documentation and support were provided, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

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