Experience optimization through user-based research

The Co-operative Bank provides banking, services, loans and insurance to approximately 161,000 customers throughout New Zealand.

As part of The Co-operative Bank’s vision to create an experience that delights their customers, it was determined that improvements would be made to the digital join process. The Co-operative Bank embarked on a journey to understand what would be required to deliver and support an industry leading customer and employee experience.

Provoke was engaged by The Co-operative Bank to produce current state service design blueprints that showed the customer journey across the different touchpoints with the bank. Through the use of service design methodologies, Provoke mapped out the customer motivations, goals and challenges associated with the joining, borrowing and help processes. All touchpoints between customers and The Co-operative Bank were explored from both staff and customer’s perspectives to understand how these interactions impacted on their experience.

Provoke conducted research with customers and employees through a series of workshops and interviews. A usability review was completed on the digital join mobile application to understand if this presented a barrier to joining. Further insights were gained through user observational testing within the contact centre and branches. This holistic research approach provided an understanding of the relationship between employees, customers and technology.

The Co-operative Bank now has a complete view of the pain points in the digital join process which has allowed them to prioritize improvements and optimize the firm’s operations.

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