Employee insights feed the digital transformation roadmap

Statistics New Zealand was in the middle of a program of transformation to modernize their processes, systems and technology when they engaged Provoke. They were working with legacy systems and lacked a cohesive vision of what the next generation of technology should be. They had also identified a number of issues with their information collection operations and were looking to increase efficiency while improving survey completion.

Provoke carried out extensive research in order to gather user insights and guide Statistics NZ in the creation of a strategic road map. Personas provided insight into user needs and motivations, and journey maps helped to clarify an understanding of existing processes. As a result of this deeper understanding, Provoke was able to collaborate with Statistics NZ to design a future state vision and technology road map.

The user-centric approach Provoke took was critical to obtaining high levels of organizational buy-in and confidence in the resulting strategic direction Statistics NZ took. The in-depth user research process uncovered existing issues that enabled the organization to effect genuine and meaningful change for their staff and customers. Statistics NZ have since been successful in implementing their strategic road map and information collection process and have made significant progress towards their vision.

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