Sentiment analysis boosts effectiveness of sales and training

By Kenneth Haynes, Customer Experience Manager

The classic “trial-by-fire” and “trial-and-error” approaches are the norm when honing the skills of sales managers and consultants. Time spent, and potentially wasted, in front of customers was the only reliable way to learn.

It took experience and a knack for feeling your way through an engagement to determine whether a client was truly happy and would desire to re-engage later. Those days may finally be a thing of the past.

By recording or transcribing content from meetings, emails, and other communications, it’s now possible to use language data to better understand customer reactions. Automation makes this happen even more quickly and precisely.

At Provoke, we often recommend that you run a series of sentiment analysis tools over this content data lake. When this is mapped to various parts of your seller or consultant’s language, you begin to build a schema that shows what content gets what reaction.

If you could learn, for example, that your potential customer had previously responded poorly to the phrase “data warehouse,” you would immediately use that information to tailor your message in a different way. No need to wait for weeks to find out that the customer has rejected the entire deal.

Training salespeople and consultants are just one workstream that becomes a much smoother path with timely and thorough data analysis. Internal communications like sales aids can now contain direct guidance on language to use and avoid, with supporting data.

In the short term, data analytics solutions that reveal human sentiment are transformational for many organizations. In the long term, this data becomes a reliable guide that informs training and decision-making in operations, sales, and many other business processes.

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