Naylor Love builds a safer workplace with the Nintex platform

It is important that Naylor Love tracks job site hazards and addresses them before they result in injury. Failure to do so could increase risks not only to co-workers but also to Naylor Love and its clients. This is also important in ensuring that Naylor Love adheres to New Zealand’s stringent health and safety regulations.

The importance of safety in the construction industry has always been widely acknowledged. However, the process for recording and documenting potential hazards was manual and cumbersome with workers needing to obtain the right forms from a job office, take them to the hazard site, record the problem and then return to the office to file the forms. A better, more streamlined process was needed.

With the help of Provoke, Naylor Love adopted Nintex Advanced Workflow and Modern Forms for MS Office 365. Naylor Love used the drag-and-drop design canvas and business logic to create a form and a simple workflow in a day, and a full prototype in a week. After gathering input from employees, a final version was deployed just a few weeks later.

The broad adoption of the solution by employees is one reason for Naylor Love’s success.


Provoke selected the Nintex Advanced Workflow and Modern Forms for MS Office 365 to develop this digital enablement solution.

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