Driving operational efficiencies with Microsoft 365

Republic Parking Northwest wanted to improve operational efficiencies and ensure that its customers enjoyed a seamless experience across more than 200 parking lots in eight states.

Republic’s main call center is its operations hub. It handles about 10,000 calls each month from its numerous, unattended properties. Customers call to report broken credit card readers and gates that don’t open, or to ask for instructions on how to insert their card properly. If there is broken equipment, it must be fixed as quickly as possible, both to limit revenue loss and to demonstrate Republic’s accountability and commitment to providing a positive customer experience. Republic needed a solution to help expedite servicing its equipment.

Republic engaged Provoke to design and develop an operations management solution based on Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based services. The solution has provided leadership with insights around performance and increased confidence in maintaining the seamless operation of its properties.

For each call that requires action, managers can now use their mobile devices to document, notify, and report on issues in addition to tracking the time taken to achieve full issue resolution.

Call center staff can recognize repeat issues at particular locations and collaborate with the wider team for streamlined work efforts and process improvements. “I spend two hours a week rather than two hours a day sorting through information,” says Shaniqua Ogletree, a call center manager at Republic Parking Northwest

Directors can see when tasks are completed, reducing the time needed to follow up on incomplete action items. “I can see whether a manager has resolved a problem or not, and if they haven’t, the system automatically pings them rather than me having to do it.”


The solution created by Provoke uses Microsoft SharePoint Online, a component of Office 365, to provide a one-stop site for operations managers.

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