iCap Equity creates new workflow to capture site visit detail

Making site visits is a key part of iCap’s business however gathering information while onsite has proven a challenge. Each site visit was consuming 3-4 hours of the field Project Manager’s time, and when one Project Manager is responsible for 40-50 site visits per month, this all adds up. The overall business scalability was reliant on increasing the workforce.

iCap was looking to expand and expected their investment sites to double. To make their expansion sustainable, iCap needed scalable workflow processes that could grow as the business evolved.

Provoke worked with iCap to understand their requirements when completing a site observation and recommended a productivity solution that enabled them to complete all their tasks through one mobile app powered by a workflow platform.

The new mobile app, integrated with the Nintex Workflow Cloud, allowed Project Managers to decrease their site observation time significantly. Activities that used to take up to four hours can now be completed in less than an hour. iCap can now seamlessly and immediately take site notes and upload photographs. The massive gain in efficiency is a big win for iCap, enabling confidence in their ability to monitor their investments while they go through a period of expansion.


Provoke selected the Nintex Workflow Cloud when building this solution for iCap. Being a SaaS platform agnostic tool, it enables organizations to digitally transform any business process to work more effectively without the need for custom code.

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